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By blending creativity with practical business sense, we create and unleash a ripple effect that enables our clients to tap into new sources of value. We transform our client's niches into the next big thing and unify corporate cultures.​  

We offer 4 branding programs tailored to each type of business transformation.


New Brand

Develops a new brandfor your company to take advantage of a strategically valuable market.

Best for: Pre/soft launch company going to market.


Brand Refresh

Updates key elements of your company’s brand to increase its relevance, differentiation and competitiveness, while protecting critical equities.

Best for: Existing brand looking to renew itself. 


Brand Expansion

Grows your company in established and new markets/audiences usually through updated marketing methods. We add equities and better capitalize on your existing ones in order to grow revenue.

Best for: Existing brand looking to grow awareness and loyalty.


Brand Merger

Creates powerful new equities, advantages and architectures whenblending two or more brands into one.

Best for: Most M&A scenarios suchas Mergers and Roll-ups.


Yuppie began as a vague idea one late evening in San Francisco, but soon grew into a mouthwatering practice. The vision was a brand consultancy with a BIG personality, that was able to deliver an even LARGER future for its clients. We aim for the perfect blend of cultural relevance and commercial growth, and grounding everything we do in the Y. 



  • Comfort zones are for amateurs

  • Don't chase opportunities, create them

  • Don't care about opinions unless they're listed on the NYSE.

  • Outbrand your competitors.

  • Our brand: custom-made ashtrays and fake tan. Don't worry, we won't make it yours. 

  • Love is not blind, it's branded.

Brands we have previosuly worked with



Are you dreaming of fame and credits ? You came to the right place. We will value your ideas and give you praise.

Work with us?

We are always on the lookout for talented people. Do you possess the skills you think we need?  

New Bis?

Are you feeling the chemistry? Ping us, just to gossip, or to discuss the next big thing. 


Want to talk yuppie or showcase our work? We are happy to share the love. 

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